5 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website

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Websites are a living and breathing tool for your business. They are no longer static and passive, hoping somebody comes along and reads your information. Someone once said a website is like a business card for the internet. Today websites are so much more than that. If you want your website to be effective in gaining business, it must have ways for visitors to interact with your site. There are times you might want to redesign your website. So how do you know that you need to redesign your website?

  1. Is your site outdated? Much like a kitchen in a home, your site can look old and in need of a sprucing up.  People gravitate towards site that are clean and bright looking and have a modern feel to it. Trends in design change and if you keep up with them, then it sends a message that your business is keeping up with the changes in technology.
  2. Is your site responsive? This is important because the search engines look for this. It also provides ease of use no matter what device a person is using to view your website. As a Web Design company located in Estero, we focus on your making your website responsive across all platform.
  3. Can your site grow as your business grows? Adding new products and services to your website can be done so that the users have a positive experience? Do all the links work? You would be surprised how many we see with a social media icon that goes nowhere. Another is links for email addresses that do not work.
  4. Does your site reflect your current state of your business?  Is your site designed to attract those who are in your target market? Do you keep up with changes in your staff? These may be small details, but they are important to your online image.
  5. How updated is your content? When was the last time you updated your blog? Do you even have a blog? Do you have videos on your site? Can you easily add them? Is it optimized for SEO. Much has changed in the role of content and keeping it updated is important when trying to attract new business.

There is a lot of competition online and you want your website to be memorable, provide a positive user experience and be able to be seen no matter what device a user is on. As one of the leading Web Designers in Estero, we strive to develop the best, most user-friendly site for your business. Not sure if you need to  redesign your website or not? Check out the websites of your competition and then give us a call today at 239-303-4673.

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