Get Branded Using Social Media

Social Media

One of the many benefits of using Social Media for your marketing is branding. It allows you to put a face to your brand name, communicate your message and connect with your customers.  Here are some ways you can get branded using social media.

  1. Visuals – The first thing you want to be sure of is that all your graphic used for profile pictures, cover photos etc. are all the same across all your platforms. You want to be easily recognizable and this is one way to achieve that. If you use different photos for these, you will leave consumers confused about your brand.
  2. Messaging – being consistent with your messaging across all platforms is important. You do not want to post anything that breaks with your brand messaging. Your brand message can include your slogan, but it is more than just that. It is your mission, your tone of voice, the why and to whom. It is your company values and beliefs.
  3. Topics consistent –Your posts on any of your platforms, should be conveying to your target audience information they are interested in that relate to your industry/business.
  4. Regular posting – it is important that you post regularly. This does not mean you have to post daily or multiple times a day, but you must post regularly and consistently.
  5. Face to your brand name – social media allows you to put a face to your business. It is effective to use images of your staff, behind the scenes images, customers using your products or in your place of business. This allows your target audience to connect with your brand.


Social Media is an effective way to brand your business. If it wasn’t, would all the major corporations be using it to connect and communicate with their customers? Small local business have an advantage because they can better connect with their customers and potential customers. This about what a chain restaurant must do to stay top of mind with their customers compared to a small local restaurant. A small local restaurant can really connect with their customers to provide the experience they are looking for.

So when you are marketing your business on your social media platforms don’t forget to incorporate branding into your objectives.


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