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It is an uphill challenge if you have a Facebook business page today. So many times, I hear people say that you have to pay to get people to like your page and then pay again so that they see your posts. While on the surface that may appear to be true, it is not necessarily an effective strategy.

Branding is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Potential consumers need to know who and what your business are all about. Branding does not happen over night and sometimes small business owners get so focused on sales only that they loose sight of the bigger picture. If you effectively brand your business, you will have sales in the future.

Here are some tips to get your started

1 Post quality content – Many owners get discouraged when they see low organic reach. However, if you post quality content that your followers want, you will see it increase in time. You want your content to be fresh and creative. In time you will know what your followers like and will engage with.

2 Post consistently – Be consistent in your posting even if it is only several times a week. Many times, I see businesses post only post when they are having a sale. If you are not consistent, you will be easily forgotten, and your followers will gravitate towards your competitors.

3 Use Facebook ads – You will need a strategy and like all advertising, you need to be consistent in your efforts. Running an ad every few months is not going to gain you much ROI. Your strategy will depend on your goals, but you do need to keep you name out there in front of you potential consumers.

4 Interact and Engage – when someone asks a question or leaves a comment, be sure to interact with them. Be sure to answer any private messages in a timely manner.

5 Don’t try to sell – this will kill any branding benefits you are gaining. I am often asked about how to contact those who have liked a post. They want to private message them to sell to them. I have also seen local businesses respond to comments with a pitch. If you want to sell a product or service than use Facebook ads. However, you need the right strategy for that too. You can’t just run an ad to your website and think people are going to buy right away.

Using your Facebook business page for Branding is about building trust and confidence with your potential consumers. When they feel comfortable with you, they will then buy your product or service. Remember that there are 3 stages that a potential consumer will go through: Awareness, Consideration and then Conversion. The building process takes time so do not loose sight of your goals and objectives as you go through the process.

In our next blog we will talk about using groups for Branding.

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