Important Features Your Blog Should Have


Did you know that 85% of B2C marketers and 91% of B2B marketers say their companies blog or use other content marketing? (2018, Content Marketing Institute) If you are going to be blogging, or already are, there are some important features your blog should have.

  1. Achieves – this allows your readers to find your past blog posts based on date and or category. Why is this important? If they like the blog post they are currently reading, they will search for other posts that might interest them.
  2. Comments – as engagement is important, you want to have a way for your readers to interact with you. It is also very important to spam protection or a way for you to approve comments. Many spammers do this as a way have having back links to their websites to improve their SEO but it provides no value to your blog.
  3. Social Media Share Buttons – when a reader enjoys your blog post, you want to have a way for them to share it onto their social media platforms. This will help increase your readership.
  4. Scheduling – most blog platforms have a way for you to schedule the publishing of your posts. This way you can write several at a time and then schedule them to publish on a regular basis. Consistency of your blogging is important in developing a readership following.
  5. Email Sign Up – on your blog you would want this feature so that your readership can also subscribe to your newsletter.
  6. Bio and Contact Info – depending on the type of blog, you should include a bio about yourself and what your blog is about. You also want to include a way for readers to contact you. Some may want to shy away from this because they think they will get spam emails or calls but if you use a contact form this decreases the chance of that occurring.

These are just some of the features your blog should have. Fonts, colors, photo’s and videos are also important to incorporate into your blog. If you would like help with your blogging to improve your branding, then contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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