Logo Design Trends: What To Avoid


Graphic Design

When designing your logo, you want it to unique, memorable and easy to recognize. There are many design elements that go into creating a logo such as font, color, images and of course the text. As with many things there are trends that we see when it comes to logo design. Trends come and go but you want your logo to be timeless so that it will stand the test of time. So, you are going to want to avoid certain logo design trends.

1. When it comes to fonts there are some you are going to want to avoid using if you want to be unique. They would be Helvetica, Comic Sans and Papyrus. They are over used and no longer unique. You will also want to avoid mixing fonts, meaning using 2 different fonts. While you make think this is unique and memorable, it is difficult to match 2 fonts that work well together. It is also hard for people to find them relatable.

2. Oh how people love to use multicolored dots, spheres or arcs of color. Think of how many times you see this in those design your own logo options online. The swooshy people is another common design you will find there as well. All these lack originality and creativity. They are extremely common and will not make your logo unique or memorable.

3. Chat Bubbles are commonly used in businesses related to social media. It is so common, that recently, one of our clients who is a social media company specially said, “no chat bubbles”.  While it easily conveys the message as to what social media is about and is easily recognizable, it is superficial in it’s meaning as to what the social media company is all about. It lacks depth and creativity.


4. Ever hear of a monoline logo? It is a logo where a single thin line is used to create the logo throughout and is one color background. The image is simple and obvious. You will see these a lot on design your own logo sites.

If you want a logo that is going to do justice to your business, it is best to avoid these logo design trends. Professional logo designers know the best practices for design elements. Before you hire a logo designer, be sure to ask to see samples of their work. Need help with your logo design? We are here to help you and your business standout among all the others. For more info contact us 

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