The Reality of Social Media Marketing

Facebook MarketingAre you using your social media platforms to sell your product or service? Do you blast everybody daily with your products or services? Are you compelled to private message your friends and followers with long messages pitches your products or service? If you are doing any of these then you are doing it all wrong. Social Media Marketing has never been about the sale, but it sure seems many are using it to try and make a sale.  Here are some realities when it comes to your social media marketing.

Reality 1

Getting results takes time – depending on your business you are not going to see immediate results. It takes time and effort to grow your audience. It takes time and creativity to create compelling content that your audience wants. Before you start, you need to set goals and develop a strategy. You will want to develop an ad strategy for your Facebook marketing.

Reality 2

Not everybody is your customer – many business owners and maybe even you think that everybody is their potential customer or client. On the surface one may think this is true but in reality, it is only those who need or want your product or service. You need to identify who is most likely going to use your surface or buy your product.

Reality 3

Social media marketing is free – while many of the platforms are free to use, there is the cost of time, resources and education. Because of this misconception many small business owners try to manage their own social media marketing or assign it to an administrative assistant, virtual or in house. It would be best to invest in some education before you attempt using social media to market your business if you want to get results. The other option is to hire a professional to manage your social media marketing and help you develop a strategy. Either option will save you costly mistakes and possible harm to your brand.

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