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Social Media Marketing can be confusing for a new business or a business just getting started marketing their business on any one of the many platforms available. We are often asked about how to best market on social media so here are some of the most common social media marketing questions we are asked.

1 What makes the best content?

This all depends on your business and what your audience relates to. The important thing is that your audience finds it compelling. It is equally important that your content is always fresh by not posting the same content. Recently we posted a meme for one of our clients comparing a Northeast blizzard to a Florida blizzard (A DQ Blizzard) and it was shared 925 times organically. The page grew by 78 as a result. While that may not seem like much it is 78 new people who are now aware of this business to market to. Timing is also important. You want to capture what is relate-able in the moment. Working with what is trending will help you capture more exposure.

2 Why am I not getting business from my postings?

Many business owners think that by posting about their offers, specials, products or services will gain them immediate business. We have had business owners say to us that they do not want to market on social media because they are afraid that they will get more business than they can handle. If only it worked that way. Social Media Marketing is about building relationships, a community, branding, exposure that leads to sales in the future. People buy when they need a product or service and you want to be that business they think of when they are ready to buy. Another reason could be the content you are posting is just not compelling enough to your audience.

3 Should I be blogging?

Yes. There are many benefits to blogging such as increased traffic to your website, being seen as an expert in your field and provides content for your social media platforms to mention just a few of them.

4 How much time does it take to do my marketing on social media?

This depends on your business and how many platforms you are using. However, you can schedule many of your posts using platforms such as Hootsuite. Facebook has its own post schedule feature for pages and groups. The planning also take time. You should be planning your content ahead of time allow space and time for catching trends. You will also need to plan time for responding to comments, answering messages and checking your analytics. This can be a full time job if you are doing it effectively which is why you might want to outsource it or have a dedicate employee to handle your social media marketing.

5 How often should I be posting?

This depends of the platform you are using and your goals and objectives. Consistency is what really matters. On Facebook at least 2-3 times a week.  You should only post multiple times a day on Facebook if you have a large audience of 10K or larger. On twitter you can and should post multiple times a day up to 15 or more depending on the size of your audience. Instagram you can post multiple times a day but spread them out. Once a day is the standard, but you can do less if you are consistent. LinkedIn once a day. What is important is quality posts and being consistent.

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